Students should receive an email notification after Peer review


Currently the student receives an e-mail notification when he is assigned to a peer review. But the student does not receive a notification when his peer review assignment has been reviewed

We would like the student to receive an e-mail notification when his peer review is reviewed. This is now only visible when he opens the assignment in Canvas.

Community Team
Community Team
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Hello @Smilesupport,


At the moment there isn't a specific notification preference for  when a peer review on one of your submissions is completed, but with the different ways that peer reviews can be completed notification preferences can be set to get a notification. If the assignment does not have a rubric associated, so that the peer review is considered complete when a submission comment is added, then students can set the Submission Comment notification preference to receive a notification when their reviewer leaves a comment on their submission or adds an annotation to the submission in DocViewer. For assignments with a rubric, there isn't a way to get a notification directly when the reviewer saves the rubric to complete their review, but if the review also adds any annotations or adds a submission comment then the student would get a notification for that. Hopefully this helps in the meantime, but it seems like this feature idea should still remain open for adding a separate notification specific to just peer reviews which would be triggered by submission comments, annotations, and rubrics being saved!

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