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Studio Admin Analytics

Studio Admin Analytics

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Hello fine Canvas Studio folks!  Us Admins are here to beg express our desire to have an Admin Analytics Dashboard.  I personally have been asking for this feature since our baby was born and named Arc.  However, today, it's bloomed and blossomed, full of confidence and skills we as mentors (users) and parents (you - developers) can only be proud of! Bragging time!! This is why it's more important then ever that having access to the information we need as Admins will not only help us save time, but will allow us to access to invaluable analytics and be able to share that back with our school administrations, who ultimately make the decisions on whether or not it is worth the budget costs of this line item.  When, you and I both know it is more then worth it, right?!  So let's show them the facts!   (And to be quite honest, keeping this just between you and me, we both know that we hardly have any type of reporting that can be quickly accessed by us for those types of meeting requests. That puts us in a real pickle.)

@tonyafa also says it best in a Community conversation when states "This would not only help us monitor usage, but help us promote good management/usage practices for our users.  In my experience with other similar services (not Canvas) having to reach out to others to find this basic information is both time consuming and inefficient. "

@perolavb and @jwadec also agree.   What do you say?

Community Team
Community Team
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Community Advocate

I think this would be a fantastic and much needed "add" to Studio. Thanks for sharing @bcrook 

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