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It would be most beneficial to have an admin option in Canvas Studio to turn off the Display Media tab feature globally and leave it up to individual cases to turn it on. Alternatively, once a Studio video has been inserted and the unwanted Media tabs display, there should be an option for the teacher to turn off the tabs. 

Right now, our teachers have to edit pages with embedded Studio videos, delete the video with the unwanted Media Tabs, and reinsert it plus remember to turn off the Display Media Tabs option before re-embedding. 

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Community Team
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We just asked about this in our weekly meeting and I came here to suggest it! Agree 10000%!

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Yes please!!!!


Yes, please!  This sounds awful to have to go through all that.  Please improve this in Studio!

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Yes please do this! or set the default to off. The problem that I run into is that in a discussion board that requires a video, if the student leaves this on, and other students comment in the embedded video, then their comments do not show up in speed grader under the student's post.

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The Canvas UI should be able to recognize when it's being added in a Discussion post - especially a graded discussion post where the students' replies matter. This creates all kinds of problems for grading. Great suggestion.