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Studio Folders within Folders.

Studio Folders within Folders.


They just recently added Collections in Studio. This helps us organize our videos. However, if we teach multiple subjects, it would be nice to be able to make collections within collections. For example, I have videos sorted into 6th grade math, 7th grade math, and 8th grade math. But I would like to make collections also within 8th grade math for different chapter/topics like solving equations, exponents, etc... 

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If anyone is looking for a short term fix, tags can be used to help here. For such a math subject, tags could be:

linear equations and functions

systems of equations


geometric transformations

data and modeling


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I am using Studio to house Zoom recordings, instructional videos, and student presentations across three courses across multiple trimesters.  I now have seven Collections:

  • Calc3, fall and winter trimesters
  • APCalc, fall and winter trimesters
  • PreCalculus, fall and winter trimesters
  • Student presentations

With new presentations coming, and a new trimester in March, I will have at least eleven, so it's getting to be quite a mess.  If I could nest collections I could organize this, leading to less clicking around to find the right spot for a new file, and less chance that something will land in the wrong spot.

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I would like to add a collection within a collection.  This would help be group archived videos for classes that have concluded.  I do not want to delete the videos, but I don't want them to clutter Studio.

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Same problem/question here! Collections within collections would be great!

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