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Studio: Improved Student Insights/Analytics

Studio: Improved Student Insights/Analytics

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Need to be able to view a report for an studio lecture and see what students have watched the video and how much they have watched.  Also need this information for students that are using the Canvas App.  The current insight system required instructors to look for this information student by student. 

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Please make insights for studio videos a report. I want to be able to see if students watched the whole video and not just part of it.  It is crazy that I have to click each student for each video  insights to see this.  4 videos with 120 students is a lot of clicks to get that information.


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An aggregating tool is desperately needed. The Insights tool is difficult to use in courses with many videos or in courses with many students, and it would be near impossible to use in courses with many videos and many students. 


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The ability to generate a report, or look at a dashboard that summarizes which students viewed which lectures for an online course using Canvas Studio would be very helpful.  It would definitely help with participation grades. It's kind of arduous with 40 students and 25+ lectures, for example

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Please improve the Studio Insights feature.

Having data and documentation on whether students are watching the videos is really important. Having to click and scroll for 160 students to check if they watched a video is incredibly time consuming, imagine having to do this for multiple videos? Not to mention the insights are not fully accurate if a student watches the video from their mobile app. It is a great tool, that needs to be fleshed out more.

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Great points by everyone! I am working on a course which uses Studio insights to track the viewing of 80 students, and it is a pain to not have  a big picture that aggregates insights from all videos. It is also awkward and time-consuming to scroll down a long page to locate the student name, just so you scroll up again and view the insights. Very clunky! 

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Adding my voice to the others here.  The Studio analytics provides needed information, but being only able to view it in a student-by-student format makes it impractical in large courses. Being able to view the analytics in aggregate would greatly increase the useability of the tool.

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Often if I am interested in insights, I am interested in a single student, and I want to see which videos they have and have not watched.  It is hard to do this when insights are only organized by video, and you have to track down all the relevant videos.  It would be nice if there was some easier to see what a particular student has or has not watched.  Maybe even just a summary, for instance:

Student X

title of video A: 100%

title of video B: 95%

title of video C: 53%

If this is the chosen route, it could also be organized in a table, like the gradebook.

But I would also be happy with a view where it lists all the videos and when you click on it you can see that student's insights.  Or a page with all of the videos available to that student and all their insights.

Thanks for considering!

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Studio: Better engagement stats! Yes, please! 250 students. Clicking one by one. It is such a poor use of our time when there must be a better way to report on who has and hasn't watched the video completely. A report for each video that you can sort by student's name, time spent, latest engagement, and so forth. So easy to see a report that you can print and reference.

Additionally, a report allows us easily to provide positive feedback to students to reinforce the habit and benefit of watching the lecture for the sake of learning and not points.

The helpful idea of adding quizzes to check comprehension does not address the issue of work-arounds to game the system. Plus, it's likely that we already have quizzes and assessments elsewhere in the module. Make it easier for instructors and not more laborious. Please, and thank you.


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Yes please! Adding my voice to the request of the features above.

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This is absolutely necessary!!

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Yes please! A .csv export would be ideal : )