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Studio icon/option should replace the native media RCE option

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Studio icon/option should replace the native media RCE option

For institutions that elected to use Canvas Studio, the Rich Content Editor's native media upload option should be replaced with the Studio option.  This would ensure instructors place their media course material into the course in a way that it can readily be captioned with the Studio auto-captioning feature, for one.  But, ultimately, replacing the native media tool option with the Studio option will ensure the service is used by default; the institution is paying for the extra service, anyway.


This makes sense to be able to swap the default media tool in Canvas out for whatever media LTI tool an intitution prefers.  See this related issue: 

Community Member

This is also important for students who may be using Studio via the RCE when responding to text entry assignments or discussions. The ability to use the institutions preferred (and paid for) tool is essential. 
I'm going to be jaded here and say that Studio should replace the inline media recorder (even in Speedgrader), but there is some financial incentive for Instructure to keep these separate, as many institutions have not yet subscribed to Studio. I would like for those of us that have paid for Studio to be able to use the tool throughout Canvas...