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Studio. Enable videos to be edited, re-edited anytime. i.e. Existing videos, uploaded videos should have the edit function always available, after they have been created, uploaded, edited and re-edited. This would save much time in applying small changes to current Studio videos.

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Having an easy way to edit videos without having to open the screen capture tool, is a must for Canvas Studio. Yes, there are workarounds, but it's timeconsuming and cumbersome if you need to make a simple change right within an uploaded video. 
It looks like this was an old feature request when it was called Arc and it was moved to Cold Storage. 

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Imagine it - I created a masterpiece cross-listing tutorial video for my staff and uploaded it to Canvas only to realize I forgot to blur out student information in one tiny section of the video before uploading.

No problem, right? Just open Studio, select the edit function and add the blur. But wait! There is no editing option after uploading.

Surely this cannot be true!

I will have to recreate the video or use some weird workaround? Better yet, I can purchase a year-long subscription to Screencast-O-Matic because I need to add a blur overlay to 10 seconds of my tutorial???

I reached out to my most awesome CSM, @Kelly Shaeen and he reached out to the Studio team only to respond that there is no editing option at this time. 

Canvas, pretty please, can we bump this up?

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Oh please PLEASE can we access edit mode after uploading videos to Studio!? I have been teaching workshops for our faculty on how to use Canvas and that is the number one complaint I hear, is that they can't get back into edit mode. And because of that, I have to refer them to other editing programs, and then we have to support faculty using those other editing programs, so it would make everyone's lives easier if we could access edit mode in Canvas Studio after uploading!!

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I'd like to be able to put together two videos I've created in Studio.  I got interrupted while making a video and had to stop recording.  I completed the recording later and would like to put the two together to make one longer video. 

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We have just acquired Studio, after being Canvas Users for a few years, and everyone is more than happy except for two things. Closed captions in the upper part of the movie and that you can not edit uploaded movie and/or re-edit. Please fix this.

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Sean Nufer has a video on how to edit exisiting videos in Studio:, or download the vid and edit in Premiere or Rush then add back to Studio.

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Jon, thanks for sharing that video. It could prove helpful to some. Unfortunately, that workaround does not tackle the huge problem of winding up with a different URL for the edited video. That means that the new video needs to be re-embedded every place it appears and all quizzes and comments are lost.

I'm hopeful that Instructure will expedite this and several other issues involving Studio.

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Just like in Zoom there are times when studio video needs edited. I would be great if we could set a playable range in a recorded video. 

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Yes please!   This would be SO MARVELOUS!   Even some simple editing tools would be most welcome.   

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Yeah, we have so many training videos shared across courses or institutions in our system ... being able to edit after they are uploaded would be a HUGE win for us!

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Absolutely--this is a definite need. For example, we have some informational videos that introduce students to the financial aid office. Whenever there's an update, there has to be an entire re-record of the video to fix one slide. This would be extremely helpful!

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This is a definite need - also the MOST complained about Studio problem/shortcoming by my faculty.  We are going to have to invest in a new video tool just to allow later editing of studio videos.  Even with that faculty and staff who use this are not enamored of needing to download the recording file and upload the replacement.  They love most of how Studio works but find the lack of editing ability maddening and a serious impediment.

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The ability to edit a video after it is published would be a great option. 

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Agreed! Sometimes it's difficult to anticipate future edits to a Studio video. Having the ability to make edits without re-doing the whole thing would save my faculty, students, (and me!) a lot of time and effort.

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I am new to Canvas Studio and was shocked to find out this limitation. This is one limitation makes it a hard sell to my team since many of them do like the ability to go back and edit lecture videos at a later time. Please Please Please fix this! 

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This would be helpful.  It's ridiculous to have to go through the convoluted process of downloading the video, creating a new video, then adding the original video during the edit period of the new video, and deleting the new video to edit an existing video.


Hi all,

thank you for all these feedback! It is an issue very much on our radar and we even have an open survey on which items to consider when editing videos after uploading to Studio along with some lecture capture related questions. We would be really grateful, if some of you could fill it, so we better understand the issue. Please find it here.

In the meantime, it may not be the most obvious (and this is only for cases if other video editing tools cannot be used) but editing videos is possible with Studio's screen capture tool even after uploading the video. Starting a recording with 'Screen Capture', finishing it and instead of uploading clicking on the 'Back to recordings' in the top-left corner will direct you to the Manage Recordings page. Here it is possible to edit a video from History, or simply import a media file from local disk and edit it on the spot just like it was before uploading the particular media. This should be the same on PC and Mac. Maybe if this was easier to reach, that would address some of the editing needs?

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Nevertheless, thank you for all the concerns, just wanted to let you know that we will be on this soon and didn't want to leave this thread unanswered for this long time. 






Hi @lyle_ruggles , @MBlackwell_GCA , @otism , @jonas_knutsson , @Landmark_Coll , @jwalz , @terri_milroy , @akinsey , @thoffman , @gnordberg !

Just wanted to let you know that we'll very soon work on some improvements around video editing in Studio - primarily addressing the post-upload capability. Just to make sure we are thinking in the right direction, we would be absolutely thrilled to hear more about your feedback via a quick, 30-min call.

If you are interested, feel free to reach out to the CSM, s/he will be happy to help set up the call! Alternatively, you can send me your e-mail address in private message here and I'll have it set up right away!

Thank you so much for this,


(I know I skipped two person from the thread, but I can only mention 10 person here unfortunately. Hope they also get notified about this message!)

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Adding my voice here to say that being able to edit videos after they have been uploaded would make Studio a much more useful tool for my faculty. having to record and edit in one sitting is arduous. Being able to make further tweaks to an already edited video would be awesome as well.

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@AkosFarago  -  would it be possible to post a summary of the meeting notes so those who are not able to attend may review and provide a comment or two?

TY!  ~ Jeff