Sub-Terms for Multiple Start Dates


Our university has multiple start dates per term. We use Terms in Canvas for every course in that is offered in the term, but they have different start dates. We run into the issue of students accessing things before faculty want them to, and we keep courses unpublished until we want students to access them. 

We would like to see subterms underneath the regular terms right now. This kind of creates a term tree where we can align courses to sub-terms for better functionality and control over course dates. 

Our university has these kinds of dates:

  • Full Term
  • 1st 8 Week
  • 2nd 8 Week
  • 12 Week
  • 4 Week 
  • 5 Week
  • 1st 8 Week Late
  • 2nd 8 Week Late

We use publishing as we want students to access, but it would be nice to not have to do that. 

There is a community post that asks this question. I did not see any Idea conversation about this, so I wanted to get the track moving if this is something that could be helpful and useful.

Community Team
Community Team
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Hi @erik_gustafson,

Thanks for sharing your idea. I've opened it for conversation. In the meantime, if you'd like more information about what exactly is visible to students when term, course, and/or section dates are used in an account, I'd recommend these two resources: Terms, Courses, and Section Enrollments PDF and Student Course Visibility & Participation Flowchart.


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