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When a student submits their assignment, it should automatically show up in a preview window. Although students can click on View Feedback to see their submission in the document viewer, they never do, probably because there is no actual feedback yet. This would allow students to immediately see that there is a problem with a submission so they can fix it before the deadline.

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Yes - I put in a feature request via support and was directed to vote for this. I manage a large lab course, and I've had multiple messages from students this semester saying they uploaded the wrong document but didn't find out until it was a given a 0 by the grader.

I've given students clear instructions on how to preview their document, but most don't check. Most will not consider the possibility they uploaded the wrong document until they get the 0 back. Just showing them a preview automatically would cut down on these cases significantly compared to an easy to find preview link that has to be selected, and would be a big improvement over currently hard to find preview link.

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Voted! emily.hardegree-ullman‌ and  @ian_konen , you may be interested in an in-progress enhancement to Canvas:

The submission confirmation will include a preview, much as this idea proposes.  Still, I voted for this as it's a great idea!

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I really want this preview feature as well. My students NEVER click on "View Feedback". How do I "vote" on this? I don't see a button anywhere.

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I think you have to select the number of stars? I found it very confusing too.

This link has more info on how idea requests work, although it refers to selecting the number of stars as "rating" not "voting," so I'm not sure they aren't two different things.

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 When students upload an assignment, it would be great if it would preview somewhere on the page.  This is a quick way for students to verify that they have submitted the correct assignment to the correct submission page.  Currently, it appears that the only way for them to verify that it is the correct assignment is to download the assignment again.

Thank you for all of your work in improving Canvas and your willingness to receive suggestions!

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This video provides a "how to" using student enhanced features.

The interface is slightly different now, but seems to be what y'all are inquiring about.

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