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When creating assignments, we're only given one option for "submission type." The problem is that we're teaching hybrid courses where quarantined kiddos have to submit online, but the rest of the class is working on the assignment with pencil paper. Obviously we have to choose "online" so the kids at home can submit their work, but then when we enter manual grades for the students who did their assignment on paper, it automatically gets flagged as missing. Then you have to go through each individual student and uncheck the "missing" notification. With 150+ kids, this is extremely tedious and time-wasting. 

Here is my suggestion: in that drop-down menu, add "hybrid" or "multiple submission types" so we can choose to allow students to submit online or on paper. And also, Canvas simply MUST create an option where you can automatically label (or "unlabel" in this case) flags for multiple students at a time. For example, on PowerSchool, you can select "fill" and it will fill in the flag or the score for every student who is missing something. Since PowerSchool and Canvas are owned by the same parent company, I imagine it shouldn't be too difficult to incorporate that here. 

I did go through the guides and found many teachers have made the same request, but the only responses I've seen were unhelpful. Please consider this easy fix!

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True blended learning should not support students and instructors, not make extra work for them. This is a brilliant suggestion and an easy way to accommodate students not only in the K-12 setting but in universities that employ the Hyflex approach to instruction. 

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Totally agree that support for on-line and paper submissions is needed.  I have half a dozen students in quarantine who will need to submit on line.  I plan to keep the option as paper, and just handle the on-line submissions through some other mechanism (not sure what) but Carmen should really support this.

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Let's say this is a worksheet.

You can have the students completing the work on paper take a picture of their completed worksheet and upload and the students online can download the file and then upload it as well. 

Hope this helps! 🙂

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Middle school students don't always have phones and the ones that do take terrible pictures of their assignments. A hybrid option through Canvas is a great solution. 

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