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Subscripts in one click

Subscripts in one click

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The html editor used to have two buttons, one to enter superscript mode and a second to enter subscript mode.   Now, there is one, which gives you a superscript unless you pick off the subscript option it offers.   This makes entry of subscripts slower and more tedious.   Please bring back the one-click way to enter subscripts.    In my linear algebra course, i rarely need superscripts, but I need subscripts all the time.

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open for Conversation


Thanks for sharing this idea. We've moved this conversation forward as a request to include not only a superscript but also a subscript option on the RCE icon ribbon. Please note that both the subscript and superscript options are currently available from the Format dropdown menu:



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The format menu item selection process is still cumbersome.  Having to switch from the keyboard to cursor movement (click on a menu, then select an item from the menu), then back to the keyboard is the slow part.   A keyboard shortcut would be a fast way to do this:   ctrl-U to toggle superscript mode, ctrl-L to toggle subscript mode, for example.   (U for 'upper', L for 'lower')

This matters in math courses, where I want to intersperse formulas and text.


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