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I am a student, and when I get an assignment turned in, it's always extremely confusing to what each of the symbols mean for its submission/grading status. Like, it's not intuitive that a rocket means that a submitted quiz needs to be graded. Among several others in the lexicon of their symbols. 

This is even worse for my parents, who look on Canvas to see my grades and don't know what something means, so they assume the worst or have to ask me about it. And at that point, where the reason of having symbols is to make viewing and understanding something's status or meaning... simpler. It's supposed to be intuitive and logical, but then we have Canvas where you don't know what something is, which is the exact opposite of what it's meant to do. 

And I know there's already a guide for what each symbol means, but you have to go out of your way to find it. (Returning to this point later but just include this on the site in the first place)

So what I suggest are a few things:

  • An actual key/legend at the bottom of the page (like powerschool) that tells you what everything means in a concise manner. "Hmm what dos this mean? Oh it tells me at the bottom of the page."
  • For accessibility, have an option that disables all the symbols, and in place, have what the grade's status is in text. I would surely toggle it. 
  • Overhaul all of the existing symbols so that they make more sense. When the feature is in beta, ask people to take a survey and see if they can guess what each symbol actually means.

And I believe that's it. My conclusion is that Canvas is a hot mess of a program for both students and teachers right now, and I will make an effort to suggest insightful solutions to these large problems that the employees at Canvas are failing at fixing themselves. 

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