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Syllabus assignment list option to sort with most current on top

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Syllabus assignment list option to sort with most current on top

  Idea open for vote Wed. October 5, 2016 - Wed. January 4, 2017  Learn more about voting...


The syllabus assignment view provides a great summary of all the events & assignments in a course. However, a long list of assignments and events requires a needles amount of scrolling on behalf of the user as the semester progresses. A view option to allow chronological or reverse chronological order would give maximum flexibility.



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October 2016 update form Chris Ward
Thanks for taking the time to vote on this idea. From the discussion in this thread, it appears that sorting won't be a satisfactory solution here, so we'll be closing this idea. However, if you want to propose a solution around filtering I can see a lot of value there.
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Wouldn't a reverse chronological view represent needless scrolling at the beginning of the semester? Even if it is the end of the semester, you need to do scrolling to get past what is the last thing due to get to the portion that is currently due.

I'm also not sure from the original request what is being asked for in terms of the option. Is the option at the instructor's discretion, a setting on the user page, or the ability to click at the top of the date column in the syllabus and change the sort on the fly?

I don't use the Syllabus page because it takes too long to load and there are other ways to organize the material that suit my needs better. If it were to be fixed so that it was usable, I still wouldn't want it sorted in reverse order. If the sequence was to change, I would want something like two sections: one week ago through the end of the semester at the top and anything older than a week at the bottom. Even then, I'm not sure I would vote for it.

This is if the Syllabus page is your Home page. I would like to see the newest assignments on top, too! There might a sort option: Newest first/ Oldest first.

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You bring up an excellent point. If all your assignments are posted at the beginning of the semester, neither of the proposed sorting options will help. However, the current view doesn't meet that need anyways, so it wouldn't result in a change for the use case you describe. As you said, you're using a different solution in any case.

Navigator II

If the description of the feature idea actually called for most current on top, I would have remained neutral. However, the description asks specifically for "reverse chronological order."  If I were using reverse chronological order, and I had assignment due dates ranging from mid-August to early December, the ones that would appear at the top would be the ones due in early December. I can see the utility of most current on top, but personally I would not find the option of reverse chronological order useful either as a teacher or a student, so I downvoted.


Ditto on the down-vote.

I discourage my students from even using the Syllabus assignment list, the Calendar assignment links and the To-Do lists. I hide the Assignments, Quizzes and Discussions pages in course navigation and advise my students strongly and repeatedly to use the modules page so that they can better keep on track, and engage in the learning content that will help them succeed with the assignments and assessments.

Since my courses are all completely developed before the term starts, I would not want my students who still insist on shortcuts to be even more confused by a reverse-ordered list at the start of the term.


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Yes - I agree... it would be great to have more flexibility in this section. I have several assignments each week that are similar from one class to the next however I have no control as to what order they show up within the due date section (without making each assignment due on different minutes). This is a slightly different issue but in the same vein. I would like to be able to manipulate the order of assignments within the course summary in order to give a more cohesive flow - week in and week out.

Navigator II​, I'm happy to see that you just created a feature idea for this:   I too have resorted to that "due on different minutes" workaround, and I am not thrilled with it.

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Anything that makes student usability of Canvas more intuitive is a positive step forward to cement Canvas as a world-class LMS!