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Sync Group Sets over Blueprint

Sync Group Sets over Blueprint


The ability for group sets to sync across blueprinted courses. This would allow groups to be set up (without students) so assignments can be built around group projects. While the people inside each group and the number of groups is left to each course, the group sets can be set up from a Blueprint. 

Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for sharing this idea,  @pflickin ‌; it's open for voting. Since group sets do not persist upon course copy, you might also be interested in supporting this related idea: 

Community Participant

Very much needed, but since it is I'm guessing it won't happen.

Community Member

How is this _not_ a thing in blueprint courses?

Community Member

We would like this feature too

Community Participant

One of my instructors has a large number of group sets. Recreating them in each section is a waste of his time. Please consider the administrative load this creates and make life easier for faculty. 

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Yes, I'm that instructor that Cindi is referring to! Please add this feature! I added and individually named 60 groups to my blueprint only to later realize that they won't sync over to the client courses. Doing this in the blueprint took a lot of time, and now I have to manually create and label the same groups in each of my client courses. Agree with hmcnally, how is this not already a feature?

Also, while we're at it, could we also allow setting group sizes to 1 person? I realize that 1 person may not be considered a "group," but in this one course I'm using the Groups feature to have students self-signup for presentation topics from a defined list and I only want 1 person per topic. For an application like this, I need to be able to have the group size be set to 1 person or I have to monitor the groups and kick people out of groups where there is already someone there.

Unless, does someone know of a different way to allow students to self-signup for slots on a predefined list in Canvas?