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I'm getting a little frustrated with having to re-read every notification that I get in my canvas page online even after having read it on my phone over the app due to it being marked as "unread". Hence not getting synced from the app-client to the web-client.


Would like to have this feature especially now that schools and teachers are being even more active on the their platforms to get information to us students over Canvas.

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Because students go between their smartphones and computers on Canvas I have experienced that when I read notifications of "Announcements," "Assignments," and "Discussions" on my smartphone, the Canvas program does not recognized or synch showing on my laptop Canvas program that I have already read these notifications. 

I have to "Click" on the announcements, assignments, and discussions icons on my laptop in order to clear the blue icon reminders. To me, its a hassle. 

The Canvas program should synch with my smartphone showing that I have read the announcements, assignments, and discussions.  I should not see blue notification icons on my laptop.  

Now that I have criticized Canvas, I want to take this time to write that this year's Canvas update was awesome. The changes to the Canvas program was "right-on!"

I congratulate the Canvas supervisor and team for the new upgrade. It made my life as a student easier during the university lockdown. 

Now, change the notifications synch on Canvas and Canvas will be perfect.


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I'm super frustrated with the same thing. Announcements and Discussions that you've read on the app are still marked as unread on the computer. Additionally I have a single discussion that will forever be marked unread because there is no subject line, thus making it impossible to open it on my computer.


1.) allow computers to open the Announcements/Discussions by clicking anywhere on the message line, not just the Subject

2.) Give us a Mark as read check box option

3.) Sync the files you've opened in Announcements/Discussions from the app with the computer, and vise versa.

4.) List all unread in Discussions just does not work. Nothing happens when you select it in the drop down.

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Surprised this is still an outstanding issue. It's been almost 2 years.

I agree with all of the previous comments. It is extremely annoying and time consuming to need to click through all of the conversations/announcements/grades/etc. that have been check in the mobile app. 

This needs to be fixed ASAP

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Bumping this up again, as I can't see that a fix has been made. 

Not only is it extremely annoying to have to click through announcements/grades/messages in the web version that I have already read on the app, but I end up losing things because maybe I haven't read something that I thought I had and I mindlessly delete/click through all the stuff I have read.



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