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Currently TA permissions are very similar to that of the Teacher.  I had a recent incident where a TA modified the grading schemes, changing the gradebook settings to automatically apply deduction to late submissions.  This caused a ripple effect that effectively lowered the grade of every student in the course by a full-letter grade.

The TA role should have the editable options of permissions such that course-level settings such as grading schemes, post/hide grades, grade posting policies can not be altered.

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Community Team
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I agree.  I would also recommend that the grading permissions be made more granular so that instructors can restrict in which tools TAs can grade, e.g., Assignments vs. Quizzes vs. Gradebook.

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Absolutely.  TA grading permissions need to be much more granular.  Thanks for your comment.

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Absolutely and wholeheartedly agree! 

This is something that I literally lose sleep over.  I have had a few very serious issues in the past, although not too many, involving TAs 'expressing creativity' with editing course content, deciding on their own to change deadlines to suit the students' requests despite syllabus policies and not discussing with me prior to changing, changing grades on specific auto-graded questions on demand without discussing with me (and TA not actually understanding how to answer questions), etc...  Being able to customize TA access would reduce the number of admonishments I need to give, would streamline training new TAs in that they wouldn't be confused by options they don't need to try to access, etc.  Please consider a robust TA access/permissions dashboard for teachers!

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