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Table Properties - alignment issues

Table Properties - alignment issues

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Also, while working in a table, there are options for aligning text left/center/right, but no options for aligning text top/middle/bottom. Because the default setting is set for the middle, this means that the different columns do not look "aligned" with each other unless I add extra lines below in the cell with less text. This doesn't even always align it 100% correctly. I'm uploading one screenshot showing an example table with misaligned content (no extra lines added), and a second screenshot of a table that I could NOT get to align perfectly even with adding extra lines below the shorter cells. (I do realize that there is a way to do this using the HTML editor, but this should be a standard feature on the regular editor.)

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Community Team
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I think meaningful alignment can help with accessibility, particularly for those with cognitive disabilities.

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@LauraRogers5 You can modify the alignment of text within a cell - it's just hidden in a formatting menu. 

  1. Select the cells in which you would like to realign the text (when you click and drag, they'll turn a dark color to show they're selected)
  2. Above the RCE are the menu options for Edit, View, Insert, etc. From that row, select "Table"
  3. Select "Cell" then "Cell properties"
  4. The last option under "cell properties" is vertical align, which I think is what you're after