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Tag for Comments Made (NEW Gradebook)

Tag for Comments Made (NEW Gradebook)


As we look forward to New Gradbook, I have a teacher asking for a feature.  She's asking for:

"...a little symbol, like a notch in the corner, to show that the teacher has made a comment on the grade in the gradebook.  In [our grading system], if we made a comment, we could see in the box that a comment was there, without needing to click on it."


So something similar to when in a spreadsheet in google, and when someone makes a "comment" to the cell, you see a little corner tab.....

In this way the teacher knows visually, quickly, which students received a comment -- without having to enter each graded item in the Speeedgrader.

Community Champion

It would also be nice to have such a tag display when students post a comment of their own

Community Team
Community Team
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I want this so badly! Especially in a large class, I'd like to know at a glance to whom I've given additional feedback in the gradebook.

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Agreed, students need to be able to see new comments at a glance, and teachers need to be aware of responses at a glance. Not sure if anything has changed since we enabled new gradebook, but we were advising instructors to provide instructions for students on how to look for comments. Something I would not have expected should be required.

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Yes please!!!  Too many times, students miss that there are comments on assignments, and it limits the feedback to a simple grade.

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YES! Please!

I see this has been asked for in many different suggestions.