Teacher Toggle Option for Original Submission being "Submission of Record" for "Late" designation

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Let's say a student submits an original submission for an assignment on time. I grade it and provide feedback. I allow the student to re-submit for an improved grade. However, that student submits his/her resubmission after the due date. Canvas Gradebook policy currently considers that re-submission to be "late." I find that to be an odd policy. The original submission was on time. I know I can edit the re-submission from "late" to "none" for that student in SpeedGrader, but I would suspect most teachers would agree that re-submission should have never been considered "late" in the first place.

Obviously it would need to be a case-by-case judgement of the "worthiness" of the original on-time submission, but I think an option for teachers in Gradebook would be nice. I've looked at Gradebook Settings and there doesn't appear to be a place to have Canvas consider the original submission as the "submission of record" when it comes to on time and late submission consideration. Could this be considered as a Gradebook option for teachers in the future? 

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