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Team Drive Access via Google Docs Cloud Assignment

Team Drive Access via Google Docs Cloud Assignment


When creating an assignment using the "Google Cloud Assignment" option, you can select files located in "My Drive".  With the release of Google's Team Drives, teachers should have the ability to select files located in a "Team Drive" in addition to "My Drive".

Community Member

For academic departments, teams, and groups sharing and collaborating on course content, Team Drives are far more appropriate, and so it is a much needed addition to be able to easily and natively embed content from a Team Drive in Canvas courses. Please add this capability!

Community Member

Please add this capability.

Community Participant

To add a specific use case related to this integration:

All the faculty for a certain program at my university use a Team Drive to collaborate on syllabi and store course materials. Currently, the only way to add those materials to a course using the Google Drive External Tool is to move them from the Team Drive to a personal drive. It would be great if this tool connected to your Team Drives as well as your personal Drive.

Community Member

I would really like access to my shared Google drive and Team Google drive materials for posting to Canvas. Please help!

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Currently, students must search for the document that the teacher shares. The Google Drive integration is almost useless if we can't have Shared Drives appear on the page.

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