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Temporary course notification pause - by the instructor

Temporary course notification pause - by the instructor

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As a teacher, you may want to do add lots of assignments or import assignments from Canvas Commons.  When making lots of changes to a live course, each new piece of content can trigger a notification for students.  These high-frequency notifications at my institution caused students to block all Canvas notifications.

Instead, it would be useful for instructors to "pause" or "mute" any outgoing notifications for an hour.  This means that they can do lots of edits to a course and import assignments knowing that students will not be notified immediately.  At the end of the hour, a summary of the changes could be sent as a notification to students.  

I'm aware that students can customise notifications on a per-course level.  But I think this is different.

The pause notifications period doesn't have to be an hour.  Could be any length of time.  

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