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Term Drop-down on Blue Print Course Associations should be sorted

Term Drop-down on Blue Print Course Associations should be sorted


If you go to a blue print course, click the blue print icon in the upper-right to associate it to other courses, click Associations, you get to a Search Courses screen.  We would like to filter the courses by Term, but the Term drop-down lists terms in  no order at all.  Please add sorting to the terms drop-down.


Community Participant

I will add that we need the Associated list to be in some order, have a search option, or be able to sort by column.  We have hundreds of courses Associated with a blueprint and it takes a while to scroll through the list to find one course.

Community Participant

When associating courses to a blueprint, term and sub-account filters are available to locate a course. These filters need to be sorted into alphabetical order. Currently, the list of terms and sub-accounts is completely scrambled. This makes the process of manually associating courses to a blueprint a frustratingly grueling task.

Community Member

What a great idea. This would save so much time. We need this. 

Community Member

We absolutely need this!!