Term Drop-down on Blue Print Course Associations should be sorted


If you go to a blue print course, click the blue print icon in the upper-right to associate it to other courses, click Associations, you get to a Search Courses screen.  We would like to filter the courses by Term, but the Term drop-down lists terms in  no order at all.  Please add sorting to the terms drop-down.


Community Explorer

I will add that we need the Associated list to be in some order, have a search option, or be able to sort by column.  We have hundreds of courses Associated with a blueprint and it takes a while to scroll through the list to find one course.

Community Participant

When associating courses to a blueprint, term and sub-account filters are available to locate a course. These filters need to be sorted into alphabetical order. Currently, the list of terms and sub-accounts is completely scrambled. This makes the process of manually associating courses to a blueprint a frustratingly grueling task.

Community Explorer

What a great idea. This would save so much time. We need this. 

Community Novice

We absolutely need this!! 

Community Explorer

This would be very easy for Instructure to implement. When creating the array that feeds the term selector, they just need to do a reverse sort on the value or id attribute, which would put the most recent term at the top of the dropdown list.

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