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Terms under Sub-accounts

Terms under Sub-accounts

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Hi Canvas community,

I'd like to share an idea that would really benefit us and the way we use Canvas. We use and abuse sub-accounts as we work with different university partners. You'll see in the below screenshot how we've organised it.


For each sub-account, we are giving access to university partner staff with a custom admin role to their sub-account. This way, they can easily use the term filter when searching for specific courses. Unfortunately, when they use this filter, all terms for all sub-accounts, not only the one they're enrolled in, are showing up in the dropdown list.

Term filter under sub-account

This is because all terms are created at the root account. It would help but to be able to create a term under a specific sub-account. Maybe terms should be added to the menu on the left-hand side at the sub-account level the same way courses and people live under sub-accounts.

Add Terms at the sub-account level

This would be greatly valuable for the way we use Canvas, especially with giving access to people external to our company. Let me know if you have any questions or need more info on this user case scenario.



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This is a good point, we have this challenge as well. Another method I thought of would be for only the terms that are in use in the specific sub-account to show up in the Terms menu at the sub-account level.