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For text entry assignments, there should be a way for a student to submit and go back and edit, or at least , save without submitting. This allows them to work on it in Canvas or to make updates. For example, I wanted students to journal in Canvas. They are unable to create something and save or edit.

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@MarcoBarker  Thanks for sharing this idea. The ability to save a draft and return to perform further edits on a text entry submission is available to institutions that have enabled Assignment Enhancements. Please read through  How do I submit a text entry assignment in a cours...  to see how the Draft Saved functionality displays to students and reach out to the local Canvas admin for your school to learn when Assignment Enhancements will be turned on for your courses.

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This is an excellent idea. I just came here to post it.  Currently, I use Google Docs for all my writing assignments because students can't save in text boxes (sometimes the would you like to restore your work box comes up, but not always) and I'd like to be able to do shorter writing assignments in a text box.

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does it cost the institution money to enable Assignment enhancements? how do i check if we have this option? I lost all my stats homework bc i thought it was a smart enough system to save my text entry:(