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Text Headers Outside of Modules?

Text Headers Outside of Modules?



We're implementing Canvas this summer, and something that keeps being raised that a lot of people would find useful is the ability to create Text Headers on the Modules page, but outside of a Module: we'd like a way to be able to put a header over a group of modules to give them a sub-division.


Hi,  @glen_campey1 . Though it's described slightly differently I believe this idea is more or less seeking the same functionality," modifiedtitle="true" title="Modul.... Add your support to that existing idea and we can archive this one to keep voting and discussion streamlined.

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Hello Adam,

Thanks for flagging that up; I've had a look, and it doesn't really fit what our academics are looking for though (although you could sort of shoe-horn what we want out of it). We're leaving Blackboard and moving to Canvas this summer, and Modules within Modules would replicate the Folders system from Blackboard. We're trying to get everyone to rethink how to run their VLE spaces, and embedding Folders to potentially infinate depth has caused a lot of problems over the years, and is something we're trying to get away from. We simply want what I stated - to be able to put a header over a group of modules.

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I support this idea. I really don't want to place modules within modules. However, having a level of organization like headers on the module page would help to group modules together.

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this would be incredibly useful for grouping content, especially for highlighting a clear distinction between say Assessment and Learning Materials (also valuable for visually separating an Introductory, or Support modules).