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The quiz moderator screen sorting options

The quiz moderator screen sorting options

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The quiz moderator screen should have an option for the moderator to be able to sort students by "time" remaining or any other titles. This would allow the teacher to track students more efficiently rather than having students scattered through multiple pages.
When working with students on IEPs I would like to be able to extend their times when they are running low but sometimes they are separate pages and this takes time which sometimes results and students running out of time. 

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open
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My institution would also love to see this ability to sort by column headers on the Moderate tab. Additionally, adding 'Not Submitted' to the drop-down sorter on this page would be extremely helpful -- our exam administrators like to check in with students who did not take their quiz in case there's a need to involve Student Services for accommodations or other assistance. Currently they manually scroll through all test takers and copy names to an external list/email. We're aware of the 'Message Students Who' feature in the Gradebook, but faculty members have expressed concerns with having exam admins doing anything in their Gradebooks so we prefer not to go that route. The Moderate tab is already configured to display all Submitted quizzes, so we're hopeful that displaying the inverse should be a simple update.