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To Do List (show only when available to do)

To Do List (show only when available to do)

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On the Dashboard and within a Course home page, only show assignments on the To Do List that are available to do. Currently those To Do Lists show everything, whether or not they are available to even start. On the main Assignment tab it makes sense to show everything because it also shows you which items are available and which items are not yet available. That is no the case for the To Do List on the Dashboard and the Course home page.

If those To Do Lists only showed what a student could actually start and do then the To Do List could be used to keep track of what needs to be done. As it is, it only confuses me because it appears that I have assignments to do, when I don't.

Community Team
Community Team
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This!  It is confusing to students to see items on their to-do list that aren't yet open.