[To Do] Option to Reorder To Do Lists

Problem statement:

Now that both Student and Teacher To Do lists show up on the Dashboard for those with both roles, the Student To Do list takes priority and shows up on top. It would be nice to change that so I can have my Teacher To Do show up at the top instead. Even better would be the ability to hide the To Do lists (both or either).

Proposed solution:

Enable the option to hide a To Do list or enable a way to place the Teacher To Do at the top and Student To Do at the bottom.

User role(s):


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Community Team
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Community Champion

YES!   I'm a "student" in a training course, but I'm a TA and admin so I will never need the "student to do list" and would love to be able to hide it or turn it off.  But even having it at the bottom would be great as it is not my primary or priority role.

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Yes! This is causing widespread complaints from our teachers. It's an obvious annoyance for teachers to have to scroll down far to see what they are used to seeing on top.

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I agree. I had to delete everything from my student view for the next year so I can easily see the assignments I need to grade. This was a huge hassle and the current setup is still distracting.


Thank you all for your swift feedback. I wanted to provide some explanation as to why your experience changed and also how we’re going to make it better after reading through your comments.

Over the summer a customer reported that users with non-student enrollments were not seeing items for their student enrollments in their To Do lists. Our documentation states that if you are enrolled in Canvas courses as a teacher and a student, To Do List items for both roles will appear. After digging in, we found the bug and fixed it, adding the clear title distinction so that users could quickly see what needed to happen for each of their roles.

I know a lot of you would like the option to remove your student To Do List altogether; however, many teachers and administrators rely on them to complete requirements for the courses in which they are students. That being said, I understand your pain and we are going to flip the lists so that Teacher To Do appears above Student To Do. I know this isn’t the perfect solution for everyone, but I think it’s a good compromise to meet the needs of the whole Canvas community.

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Community Team
Status changed to: In Development