[To Do] assignments that are still changeable before due-date - to be graded in todo list


starting point:
I have file-upload assignments for student-groups. I allow them to overwrite their file until due. -> so they can have version1.pdf version2.pdf ... I don't mind, how they work together, they are old enough.
In the end, I want to have a final version at the file-upload-assignment and this is, what they are graded for.

great help, very nice to have:
The numbers, showing, how many people already saved something in the (todo)-list is amazing.

even better:
Please let me know the number of people, who already submitted something in the "upcomming"- list!

As long, as students can submit things (versions), it is not a "todo" or "to be graded" for me. Maybe in school it does make sense to grade before due, so that students can re-think their work and submit again before due, but at the university or in higher education generally this is not the way it should be.

Please don't show submitted assignments in the todo-list before due-date! It is simply not a todo at that point of time.

referring to:
in 2019-02 another user obviously had a similar experience and asked at the question-forum: https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Canvas-Question-Forum/Disable-To-Do-Grading-from-list-until-after...

what exactly do I want to have:
I'm indifferent for:
PLEASE give me option to set up my todo-list
a) show all submitted assignments in todo-list 
b) show assignments that have reached due-date date in my todo-list      ..and...

PLEASE generally put the assinments, that are submitted but can still be changed by students (because due date has not arrived yet) to the list "upcomming things" and put them out of the list"to be graded or to do now"

Thanks for your help and support on this!

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I agree — I have an assignment that is open for the entire duration of the course and the students are intended to upload to it regularly, but many of them miss it because after they upload the first time Canvas basically considers it "done". The only alternative is to have something like 12 duplicate assignments which adds a lot of clutter and logistical overhead.

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