To Homeroom or not


iOS app


When using Homeroom view....

+Course cards are bigger and easier for students to read

+Front pages show up, on all courses now (previously only the students homeroom course did this)

-Course navigation menu goes away

-course landing page shows up as the web based version?

-assignments are not clickable and shows up 


When not using Homeroom view...

+course navigation menu is visable

-front page does not immediately appear (unless you are the subject home, or after you click "pages"



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Community Team
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Hi @jamstutz1 -

Thanks for sharing your post! It is a helpful "pros and cons" list of the different dashboard set-ups.

What functionality are you looking for regarding the Canvas Student app? We can work together to clarify the idea so other Community Members better understand the goals.

Community Member

The goal would be for other users to see these pros and cons and to better troubleshoot any issues that students are having because of the varying functionality of the two views, or for the engineers to resolve the negative issues that are occurring.

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Community Team
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Hi @jamstutz1 -

There's a great resource available for Canvas for Elementary adopters: Canvas for Elementary Feature Comparison 

Would something like this be helpful from the mobile point of view? If yes, I can forward the request to the correct team!


I looked through some open ideas, and I found: @canvas app navigation student idea: Canvas App Navigation - Student

Sometimes, things may feel like they're built differently, and they likely are. I believe that the mobile team is able to bring in the responsive browser version (in a way) to bring features to the app more quickly.

You mentioned that some assignments in the Homeroom view are not clickable. That sounds like something isn't working quite right. Have you worked with Support to diagnose this issue?


If not using the Homeroom View, double-check your Home Page and Front Page settings. If both are set currently, it may be another good item to bring to the attention to Support.


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