Tracking where Arc media is embedded


In Arc Media Library the details about which pages / quizzes / assignments etc that contain the Arc media are not available.


So if you need to replace, edit or remove Arc media you need to manually search to find where they have been embedded.


Having the locations where the media is embedded would be very helpful for updating audio and videos in Arc.

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

Thank you for sharing this idea,  @wilfried_sharp1 ‌. You might also be interested in a related Arc idea: 

Community Coach
Community Coach

Good idea,  @wilfried_sharp1 !  I voted for your idea.  While we wait for something like this to be potentially implemented in Canvas, my work-around is to tag Arc videos with the course number.  We have "master" courses, and so when a video is added to Arc, I always tag that video with the "master" course number.  It doesn't get to the specifics of where the video is located in the course (as you've detailed in your idea), but it at least gives me an idea of which course it's in.

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