Transgender Support


chosen name: CN

birth name: BN

Help children feel more comfortable when they use canvas. Transgender children usually go by different pronouns and names so seeing their birth names or birth pronouns can be mentally harmful towards them. To help prevent this, a ´chosen name´ and ´pronouns´ option can be added in settings. 

When an assignment is turned in, on the teachers screen it could say: ¨CN (BN)  has submitted an assignment¨ or something like that.

If more people see that Canvas includes such a feature, they may feel more inclined to this certain district.

Thank you.


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Community Team
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Hi @jj381 -

Canvas supports pronouns and display names! It is up to each district/institution to enable the option.

How do I select personal pronouns in my user account as a student? 

How do I change the settings in my user account as a student? 

* Note Full Name is used for the Gradebook and Grades pages, Chat, People, and SIS imports. Display Name is how other users will see your name in Announcements, Conferences, Conversations, and Discussions.

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Community Team
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