Turnitin compatibility with canvas after course copy


After a course copy, previous Turnitin assignments encounter an error message if the dates are changed in the new course. After working with Canvas by phone, it was determined that the problem is that the Canvas and Turnitin settings are no longer in synch with each other.  First the dates need to be deleted using Canvas Edit Assignment Settings. Then the Turnitin settings, found using the drop down menu within the Turnitin assignment mailbox, needs to change by entering the new dates for availability, due date, and feedback,  Then and only then, by returning to Canvas Edit Assignment Settings and entering the same dates for availability and due date, does the revised Turnitin assignment post without an error.  This is not a workaround but rather how the two separate software platforms (canvas and turnitin) need to be set in order to work correctly with each other.  Please post these instructions in the online Canvas guide for instructors.  Thanks.  

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Thanks for providing this feedback, @PeterLifton . Our Documentation Team receives requests for changes to documentation through the 'share your feedback' link at the bottom of each lesson. Please navigate to the lesson that you feel should provide this additional information and submit your request through the feedback form.