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Ungraded submissions in Gradebook Export contain a letter like "u."

Ungraded submissions in Gradebook Export contain a letter like "u."

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Currently when I export grades from the canvas gradebook, ungraded submissions show up with no score or marking at all in the csv file.  I would like to see some kind of indication in the csv that a student had submitted something although it had yet to be graded.  In the canvas gradebook you see a doc image.  If the csv export contained words like "ungraded" for received submissions that yet to have a score given.

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This could be confusing, as there could be a grade "U" or "u" in a grading standard. The problem is that the CSV is just giving you some of the data (specifically the value of "grade") about a submission. If you look at the API ( ), you will see that there is another attribute ("grader_id") that indicates whether the submission has been grade or not (it is a NULL if not yet graded, otherwise it contains the user_id of the person who graded the submission and the attribute "graded_at" contains the time of when the grade was set.


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I would like the csv export to indicate whether or not a submission has been made when a grade has not been given.  Then using spreadsheet logic I can assign students points based on if they turned something in.

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I'd find it very helpful if there was something in a Gradebook export file to differentiate between actual blanks (non-submission) and unmarked submissions.  

I would use this to monitor submissions and allocate assignments for marking (specifically for large cohorts), or assign points for submission (as above).

I'm an admin with oversight of several subjects.


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I think that you would be better off writing a small script to get the information that you want (which is in the information available in Canvas), but cannot simply be presented as a particular letter in a grade column - as this letter (or string) could be used in a grading scale.

If what you really want is a list of ungraded submissions, see the program at 

Using python panda this could be extended to output a spreadsheet of the ungraded submissions.