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Ungraded work filter

Ungraded work filter

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It would be so beneficial if the gradebook could be filtered by "Ungraded" submissions. This could be easily added to the filter drop down where "View" shows "filters" etc.

This would make our work do much more efficient as in Distance Education, where we have 1100 students and submissions happen irregularly.

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open for Conversation


Thanks for sharing this idea. As this request for a filter in a gradebook column moves forward for broader conversation, consider using Speedgrader to quickly view only those assignments submissions that still need grading. Instructions for changing the student sort list in Speedgrader are in How do I sort the student list in SpeedGrader?: selecting the "by submission status (needs grading, not submitted, etc.)" option will float ungraded submissions to the top of the Speedgrader list.

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YES. If I have a gradebook with dozens of assignments, it becomes HUGE, and the common case is that I'm focusing on ungraded assignments.

There should be a filter such that only columns with 1 or more ungraded submissions are shown

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Yes!  It is easy to lose track of previous assignments that are getting resubmitted.  A filter that only includes columns with something that is submitted but has not been graded would be perfect.  A related idea creating an indicator when a new quiz needs grading might be required for this work with new quizzes: