Unscored work cannot be id'd by students

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If a work is unscored, there should be a label identifying it as such alongside "missing", "late"

There is no way to differentiate between work that has not yet been scored "not yet scored" , work that is "missing score" because the teacher failed to enter the score by the deadline" and a "zero score"

Canvas should not assume that teachers will never miss the deadline to enter scores and just show those as zero. Timestamp should show if a real zero was raised to a new score or if a unscored work was scores on a later day.

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Thanks for sharing this feedback, @GuillBrassard . When an assignment has not yet been graded, the student sees an icon for the assignment submission in the Score column, with no grade:

unscored and late.png

This is documented in  How do I view my grades in a current course?