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Unwanted Missing Flags in Grade Passback

Unwanted Missing Flags in Grade Passback

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Due to the current situation, we have a few students submitting assignments from home. This requires us to use Online submissions. For most of our teachers, many submissions are paper, which are flagged as missing by Canvas. We just ignore the missing flag and enter the score in Canvas. (We don't care that it's red, as long as the score is there. And we don't want to remove every one of those flags!)

But recently, these missing flags started syncing to Infinite Campus. In Campus the Missing flag shows, but the score does not. So parents and students see false missing assignments and incorrect grades. (I personally had a panic attack yesterday on seeing one of those incorrect grades!) And the teacher has to fix them, fast. If they fix them in Infinite Campus, they will probably disappear during a new sync. So they have to fix them in Canvas, then re-sync.

Our possible remedies are unpleasant:  Create separate assignments for online submissions and paper submissions; remove the missing flag from almost every student in many, many sections; force students to submit something online in addition to submitting on paper. These are all time-consuming steps for very busy teachers.

Possible solution:  We would like to control, at the section level, which flags are synced to the SIS. We probably don't want the missing flag to sync on most sections, unless we mark it ourselves, but on other sections it might be legitimate. We probably Do want the Excused flag to sync, since we flagged it. 

Possible solution:  May be could turn off the default in Canvas, so that it doesn't automatically flag online assignments that don't have online submissions.


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