Update Module Requirements UI


The UI for choosing module requirements is not intuitive:

Module requirements dialog

Based on the styling of this dialog box, the requirements selection area seems to be an part of the Students must complete one of these requirements option. The style for this dialog needs to be updated so that it is clear that the requirements are not part of Students must complete one of these requirements option box or ideally the option doesn't appear until one of the options is selected and what is displayed is relevant to what was chosen. Also, if the module includes several items, selecting the Students must complete all of these requirements should automatically display all of the module items to the list. The inclusion of only one module item reinforces the impression that it refers only to the Students must complete one of these requirements option.

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Also regarding the user interface, this would be easier to use if the interface would show which items already have a requirement associated. Perhaps they would appear with a strikethrough in the list. I sometimes find it difficult to find an item when I have a long list of items in a module. 

Even better would be letting us set the requirements on the item itself in the little vertical ellipses menus. 

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Adding requirements to items in a module is not very efficient. Can we have an option to add requirements quicker and/or add the requirement to all items in the module?


A teacher also offered the idea to be able to add requirements when editing an assignment.

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I agree with Robert Cierniak! Being able to add all the items in the module at once would save SO much time! I

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I agree whole heartedly with this suggestion, and also agree with others that there should be an automatic way to select all items, or, at a minimum, the first option should be reworded because it's very deceptive in what it does. It's too easy to read "Students must complete all of THE requirements." (which is what I had done for weeks until I saw that students weren't having to complete everything).  Also, the learning guide does not clearly explain what behavior we can expect from this option. 

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When setting Module requirements it would be quicker, easier, and result in more accurate entries if there were a list of all items in the Module and then you could check or toggle them on or off as required or not with additional options opening to the right when toggled on.  The current dropdown and add a line is cumbersome and it is easy to forget something. 

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