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Upload Powerpoint Containing Audio

Upload Powerpoint Containing Audio

I can upload a PowerPoint with audio to the Files tab, but the audio doesn't load. Students had to download the ppt and play it that way.

Would be a huge timesaver to be able to add the audio to each slide separately--so much easier to edit than Panopto or Studio.

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I have the same issue; my narrated audio doesn't play in Canvas and must be downloaded to work properly. Also, I haven't figured out a way to get it to play on a small device, such as a cell phone.

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Major +1 on this. Our 40,000 plus university just switched to Canvas. I find Canvas far better than Moodle EXCEPT in this very significant aspect. This goes for other instructors in the 450,000 student California State University system who were switched to Canvas. We have collectively spent thousands of hours of labor to create narrated slides, and I'm finding the only work around, breaking the presentations up into small chunks and converting them to be a HUGE time sink. Then then think about the hundreds of instructors doing the same thing.

It should be an easy fix to allow a simple file upload on the course Homepage. COME ON CANVAS. Get it done!