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Useful Parent Dashboard

Useful Parent Dashboard

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As a parent (in Hillsborough County), there is no place to see "at a glance" grades and/or announcements. The parent "dashboard" (on the website) isn't a dashboard. To see grades and announcements for my 3 kids requires clicking on each of the 20 courses and then clicking on grades in each course. Announcements is also a separate click. 

A much more usable "dashboard" would have a filter for student and semester; it would show current (total) grades by class, recent assignment grades across all classes (by date or class), and recent announcements. All on one page without 60 clicks to get the information.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @JMH4 -

I can see how important it would be to organize your dashboard!

Right now, there is no way to do this on the dashboard or within the Canvas interface you experience in a browser. However, there is an Idea Conversation open for voting and an ongoing discussion. Parents: toggle view between children 

In the meantime, explore the Canvas Parent app. You're able to filter the view by student and see each of their courses/progress at-a-glance, a weekly calendar with activity statuses, and custom alerts. 

How do I use the Canvas Parent app on my iOS device? 


If you have any questions about the Canvas Parent app, the voting process, or the Observer role, please reply! I'd be happy to collaborate. 🙂

Community Team
Community Team
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