User reporting/license dashboard within the admin panel


Can we request that within the admin area of Canvas that we have better/more visibility to license usage and user interactions within reports rather than having to contact our CSM (license usage data refresh example).

It just seems that the reporting/auditing is a little on the light side and anything meaningful we need to export and develop PBI dashboards etc.

This kind of reporting would be beneficial to admin users within Canvas.

Thank you.


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I think this would be a good idea too.

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I think this would be a good idea too.

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Yes this would be really useful for us too.

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Great idea, yes please. Lot's of times I've wanted to run off user and usage reports for the system as a whole (not just per course like with the analytics) and it's just not easily available.

The ability to have readily available data for reports from the Admin panel would be such a time saver and the option to make my own customisable stats from this data, directly from the Admin reporting panel would be amazing.

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Thanks for sharing!! Very useful for our institution too

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Yes please!

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