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Users Created in Canvas UI are defaulted to Canvas Authentication Provider

Users Created in Canvas UI are defaulted to Canvas Authentication Provider


I'm surprised I even need to write this idea. 

When you have multiple login options enabled: SAML, Office365, Google, etc, whenever you create a user manually in the Canvas UI, the authentication_provider_id is null. This then creates an issue where the user is unable to click the "Forgot Password" link on 

The user gets a generic email stating "The password for this login should have been given to you by the system administrators at University Inc, and Instructure doesn't have access to your password. If your password is not working, please contact the system administrators about changing or verifying your password." 

Guess what, the "System Admins" don't have access either! 

My idea is that when you create a user in the Canvas UI, it defaults the users authentication_provider_id to "1". This is the canvas login. It's always the canvas login. No matter what the login order is, canvas authentication is "1". And so it should be default whenever a new user is created in the canvas admin UI.

Use cases are a student shows up late to registration and you just need to register a new student. Or a teacher is just hired and needs in the system. It shouldn't need to be a confusing CSV import for a non-SSO user. 

I shouldn't need to import a csv every time I need to create just ONE user.

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Agreed; this has been a pain point for us as well. Even if slot #1 isn't taken by the Canvas authentication (for an institution that doesn't want to use it, for example) it still will default to an appropriate IdP.