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Using External Tool (Kami) in a Non Graded Assignment

Using External Tool (Kami) in a Non Graded Assignment

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A teacher has run into the issue that complete/not complete assignments have been piling up in her gradebook.   When offering to make it a "not graded" assignment, this was not a solution, as "not graded" assignments do not allow for external tools to be used, in this instance, Kami. 

The work-around is to move assignments to a different assignment category/module, however, I wanted to feature request to make an assignment that is marked as "not graded" available to use an external tool. I do understand these requests need to be made for a specific product.

This particular request is for Kami, but I could foresee this being useful for other vendors. 

A similar post has been found here:, but did not progress due to not specifying a tool. In our instance, we would use this, but Kami would be one of the most useful for our instructors.


Thank you for your consideration!


Community Team
Community Team
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Thanks for sharing this idea and for specifying the tool provider; we've moved it forward as a request for an enhancement to the partner integration with Kami. In the meantime, has the instructor tried marking the "Do not count this assignment towards the final grade" box in the assignment settings as an interim solution? 

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Thank you for the reply, @Stefanie . The teacher is moving the assignments, after they are finished, to a different module or assignment group in the interim. The feature was requested due to her gradebook getting clogged up with many complete/incomplete assignments with the "do not count this assignment towards the final grade" box checked.

Thanks again!