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View Completion for All Module Components by Individual Assignment

View Completion for All Module Components by Individual Assignment


In the teacher view, there should be a way to go to an individual assignment, page, or discussion (anything with a requirement) posted in a module and quickly be able to see who has completed it. In a blended learning course where teachers are dealing with large numbers of students, this added feature would be very helpful in making it easy to track my students' progress in the module/course without looking up each individual student with the "View Progress" button.

Community Coach
Community Coach, at least for graded assignments, quizzes, and discussions couldn't you go to the gradebook and it will show who has submitted something to that specific assignment or not? You could also then message students who hadn't submitted (or who had) from there as well. Another way to see this is from Speedgrader. 

Another work around is the following Canvancement - 

Hope this helps!

Community Member

Yes, you can go to the gradebook for this, but if you have students working in different modules it's very hard to get a picture of where a class is in a single module since you have to scroll back and forth and remember which assignments belong to which module.

I'd love a view for a module that shows each student and just a check mark for whether they've completed the requirements on each assignment. So, maybe more like the learning mastery gradebook with color codes for students who have completed an assignment and met any requirements on it and students who have attempted assignments but not met any requirements that might be there and blanks for students who have neither completed nor attempted that assignment.

I'd just like a quick visual to see where the class is as a whole and who is falling behind. Right now that takes way too long to suss out from the gradebook. Since I use the mastery gradebook for standards I can't use it for this purpose (although that would be one way to get what I'm asking for).


Yes, I agree, this would be very useful. I'd also like a summary, so I can quickly see how many students have unlocked, begun, completed a module.