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View Page Module Criteria using Browser Back Navigation

View Page Module Criteria using Browser Back Navigation

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When a page is given the module completion criteria "View the Item" it fails to record the page as viewed if the student uses the browser back button after reviewing the content. This seems like a serious flaw that renders this type of module completion criteria completely unreliable. 

Community Team
Community Team
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@adamboyce We will move this forward for broader discussion, but wonder if the student has reported this to Canvas Support for investigation.

Also, I don't know if the modules page would display the completion criterion as having been fulfilled when a user clicks on the back button, but what happens when the student refreshes the modules page after clicking the back button? Does the criterion still display as not completed?

Community Participant

Refreshing the page does mark the item as viewed, as well as navigating to another course area and then navigating back to Modules. So essentially it is working, but using the Back browser button could still lead to some significant student confusion.

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