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I would really like to be able to have a report that tells me every student who was off of Canvas during a quiz without clicking on every student individually. This becomes time consuming with 150 students. 

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Well, that's certainly something you can prevent with Respondus LockDown Browser. I know, money ...

Seriously, the Student Activity Tracking report will tell you (as an admin) the last activity time stamp by student for a particular class by section ID. Not sure if that would really help.

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She is a teacher, so she wouldn't have admin reports:(

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it would be nice if it sent you a notification that a student was out of the quiz through notifications or message through email, or their quiz score turns red similar to a late submission for an assignment.  I also wonder does it track when they leave the canvas quiz in the app on the iPad versus the canvas website.

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Without this report, the GREAT Log is very difficult to takes 5 clicks and a minute to check each student.  With a class of 250, this is untenable.  I really need this report.


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I agree that a bulk export of the logs will be extremely helpful, especially for larger classes. Now, if you want to maintain a record of the log, you'll have to extract it manually and the format it has once pasted into excel is not easily human-readable.

From Canvas support I gather that part of the problem could be that the quiz log does not reside with your class, but rather with the student account. If a student drops the class, they take their logs with them. I wanted to double check a potential cheater, but they had left the class and there was nothing I can do to retrieve the log.

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Our teachers know how to view a quiz log for a student. Useful in seeing if students are opening up additional tabs during testing. However, it is quite a chore to look at each student individually. It would be great if teachers could get a complete log on the class for the quiz. Would be a great time saver for our teachers. The data is already there and available for individual students. It should not be too difficult to produce a report from the data, as it's already collected.

Again, would be a timesaver for our teachers and an aggragation of the entire class for a specific quiz. 

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