View all assignments that rubrics have been assigned to


It would be great to be able to see which assignments rubrics have been attached to. As an instructional designer, I work on a hundred courses, not all of which were built by me, and it would help greatly to know which assignments to edit when the SME sends in an updated rubric.


Imagine you need to update a rubric in a course that you didn't develop or build. You find the rubric in Outcomes but it isn't clear which assignments it was applied to. So you click open all the assignments and discussions to see if that rubric was applied. Once you find the one or x number of assignments, you delete all but one rubric (so that the name of the rubric doesn't become "name of rubric (1)"), make edits to the last remaining rubric, and then attach the updated rubric to all the assignments. 

If there was a way to see the alignment of assignments and rubrics, it would free up time for making the edit earlier.

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To be clear, we need this visibility from both the Rubric view and the Assignments view.

For Assignments, an icon should appear next to any assignment item listed on the Assignments page that indicates if there is a rubric attached to that Assignment (or not). This should apply to discussions, TurnItIn assignments as well as standard Canvas assignments. Reasons:


1) To confirm that I have attached a rubric to a discussion, I have to click into each discussion. I recently "cleaned up" a rubric I use for almost all discussions in multiple courses. In the process, the rubric was removed from some of the Discussions but not from all. I had to look at each one to confirm that the correct rubric was attached (click discussion, click view rubric times 16).


2) To confirm that I have a rubric attached to a TurnItIn Assignment, and to see which rubric it is, I have to unlink TII from the assignment then view the assignment. Then I have to re-link TII to the assignment. Cumbersome. 


Adding an icon to the Assignment items page that quickly shows us if a rubric was attached, just like we can quickly see if each Assignment is published, would be a great help.  And if I hovered over that icon, it would be ideal to see the name of the rubric which is attached.

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I would also very much like this feature included! I coordinate a large online accelerated degree program from working adults and we depend on many per-course (adjunct) faculty members to teach for our program. I manage the master sites that the per-course faculty use. It is extremely time consuming to work on rubrics in their individual course sites without a way to quickly see where all the rubrics are linked. Please add this feature soon!!!

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I'm a Canvas admin and it'd be useful to be able to find out from the Canvas data tables which assignments use a rubric (i.e. had a rubric linked to it in the LMS).  If the assignment fact table had a rubric_id which could join to a rubric dim that would be perfect.

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After setting up many assignments and importing rubrics as they are finalized/available for import, it becomes unclear over time which items (quizzes, assignments, etc) still need to have rubrics attached (or have had them attached).  Sometimes, if the rubrics contain answers, they aren't deployed until the assignment is turned in. In the assignment list view, if a rubric has been added, show some icon (or maybe allow a filter) to identify the haves from the have-nots. 

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I see this has been quiet for a while. I agree that this would be very beneficial, and it really needs to be from both sides (rubric and assignment). I would love to see a list of assignments that have a particular rubric attached to them (from the rubrics page).

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Has this been worked on at all, or under further consideration?

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I agree with this suggestion.

Additionally, I would like an icon that shows that the box has been checked "Use this rubric for assignment grading." (Actually, I would like that to be the default setting.)

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