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Viewing who liked a discussion post

Viewing who liked a discussion post

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As a teacher that grades students on their participation, I think it would be highly beneficial to see who liked a post within a discussion board. Currently, I can only view the number of likes on a post, but being able to see who liked the post would give me more insight on student participation.

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Thanks for sharing this idea. As it moves forward for broader discussion, you might be interested in supporting this related idea about likes on announcements: Allow instructor to see names of students who "lik... - Canvas Community 

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I agree.

I just had someone post something disturbing (I can see who that is) but someone also liked it. I would like to see who liked it for example because I might need to be concerned about them too.

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Currently, information on likes given and messages read is only available to the user who did the liking or to someone who can masquerade (act as) a student. A local Canvas administrator could go through and look at each student. That's a lengthy process as they have to masquerade as each student individually, then view the discussion to see if any likes have been given.

That information is available through the Canvas API, but again only to the student or someone who can masquerade as a student. I used to gather that information for my class  after each discussion and use it as part of the grading, but it's not reliable. I wouldn't like most of the stuff my students write either and even though my instructions said to like, few students did. For the seeing which messages have been read, there's a button that will mark all messages as read so someone could have 100% read and not have read anything. At the time (I haven't checked in a couple of years), the browser would automatically mark a message as read as you scroll, but the student app would not. Either way, the information is not as useful as it sounds for grading purposes.

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Hi, everyone! teachers at my institution have noticed that they can't see who has "liked" a post in a discussions, they can only see how many "likes" it has received.
This I am proposing is useful for professors to know the likes and interests of their students, and also to know which students are following the conversations of their peers.
Would anyone else like to have this functionality available, we think it could be interesting!

Greetings and good morning!

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I like this idea! I wanted to have a way for students to vote on projects posted on the discussion board and be able to give them participation points. This feature would allow me to do just that!