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Visual quiz structure in New Quizzes: page breaks

Visual quiz structure in New Quizzes: page breaks


When designing a quiz, at the moment we can have either all questions on one page or one question at a time.

It would be useful to group questions together so that different questions appear on different pages.  

Community Participant

I completely agree. With the move to online instruction, having the ability to paginate quizzes for larger exams is really important. Showing all the questions at once can be overwhelming (after all, we don't give students a giant continuous scroll of paper for exams in face-to-face classes), but showing one question at a time could limit the ability to ask nested or related questions. Other LMSs have the ability to present 5, 10, or whatever number of questions at a time, it would be great to be able to do so in Canvas as well.

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I agree. I'm using the new quizzes + stimulus to present lesson content with questions side by side. It would be great to have one page for each part of the lesson.

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Agree with above. New Quizzes falls short in several key areas.

Section breaks is a must.

As is ability to add 'non question' section header/instructions. Eg at beginning of section 2, add text advising of requirements for new section.

Individual quiz question results MUST be able to feed into Mastery Learning outcomes. This is only way we can achieve self-marking formative assessment. Would exponentially enhance effectiveness and efficiency of Canvas